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I'm Richard Lawrence, your host at Curly Flat.  As you'd guess I'm a keen collector of everything Leunig, and have copies of all his books except one, which is a tragic embarrassment considering it was released a long time after I first became a dedicated Leuniphile (or is it Leunigster?  I don't know.)  Lately, that is over the past couple of years, I've been accumulating press clippings, 'toons from the newspaper, interviews, posters, and any other  Leunig miscellanea I can get my hands on.

Besides the books I have every 'toon published since about  1991, as paper copies and scanned GIF's.  While most of the 'toons in the books derive from his newspaper contributions, they aren't a complete collection by any means, and I estimate there are maybe two thousand Leunig works I have never seen.  Being a completist, can you guess my next project?

If you're looking for a particular Leunig you've seen somewhere, email me and I might be able to help you get a copy; if it was published after 1997 it's a straightforward process to email it to you (as long as you can give me enough detail to find it).  I specifially asked Leunig about the copyright implications of this and he replied that he derives great pleasure from the knowledge that people send his 'toons, poems and prayers to friends all over the world.  Of course, I won't conspire to breach copyright and if you're looking to reprint or otherwise publish any Leunig work, I suggest you seek permission through 'The Age'.

I get quite a bit of mail from people looking to contact Leunig.  He doesn't have email, but you can send letters c/- The Age .  Don't expect a speedy response - he surely receives a lot of mail and, if the requests that come by this site are any indication, a lot of invitations to patronise various causes. He'd oblige all his fans I'm sure, if he could.

Finally, if anyone has an original Leunig drawing and would like to see it sold to a good home, where I can assure you it will be treasured forever, please email me!  In fact I am willing to buy or trade all your unwanted Leunig paraphernaelia, if there is such a thing.  I often pick up extra copies of his books when I'm in second-hand shops so if there's an old one you're after,you can have it for what I paid (plus postage).  I have extras of everything from The Penguin Leunig to Everyday Devils and Angels, at least, and some are first editions.

cheers from Curly Flat,

richard ('dic').

Please note: If you have any questions or feedback regarding feel free to contact me using the form below. This is not a form for contacting leunig himself.  I would suggest trying The Age for that.

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