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Leunig Merchandise

I've tried to make this info as comprehensive as possible but don't take any responsibility for accuracy, content, or lack of! If you have any info to add, please let me know.

Leunig Animated DVD

"Leunig" is an animated series produced by Australian actor and producer Bryan Brown and narrated by Sam Neill. (also available on video)

Available from:
The ABC Shop




Leunig appears most Wednesdays to Saturdays in the Melbourne Age. The Sydney Morning Herald and other syndicated newspapers around the country also carry some, but not all. Since Leunig works from Victoria, the Age is the most consistent source and the print quality is highest there.

Cartoon Hard Copies

All Leunigs since August '96 are on computer down at the Age head office and for AU$30, they'll reproduce a 12"x8" print on photgraphic paper. You need to identify the cartoon you want or front up in person to find it on their computer.

You can order by -
phone: +613 9601 2270
fax: +613 9602 1055
mail/counter: 250 Spencer Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000, Australia.

or The Age Photosales.


Various galleries around Australia carry individually numbered/signed prints of some of ML's etchings from time to time. They generally don't feature the popular characters but make great wall fillers for any Leunig fan nonetheless. They are generally released in batches. For availiability info, contact the publishers:

Chrysalis Publishing
179 Gipps Street, East Melbourne Victoria 3002
Telephone (03) 9415 1977
Facsimile (03) 9415 1966


(Oct 00)
The Penguin Leunig Penguin 0 14 004019 6 1974 Avail
The Second Leunig (A Dusty Little Swag) Angus & Robertson/HarperCollins 0 207 14328 5 1979 out of print
The Bedtime Leunig Angus & Robertson/HarperCollins 0 207 14505 9 1981 out of print
A Bag of Roosters Angus & Robertson/HarperCollins 0 207 14830 9 1983 out of print
Ramming the Shears Dynamo Press, Penguin 0 9449266 13 2 1985 Avail
The Travelling Leunig Penguin 0 14 014867 1 1990 out of print
Introspective The Text Publishing Company 1 86372 200 9 1991 Avail
Everyday Devils and Angels Penguin 0 14 015911 8 1992 Avail
A Bunch of Posey Harper Collins 0 207 17798 8 1992 out of print
You and Me Penguin 0 14 025461 7 1995 Avail
Short Notes from the Long History of Happiness Penguin 0 670 87405 1 1996 Avail
A Common Prayer Harper Collins 0 85924 933 6 1990 out of print
A Common Prayer
(Hardback gift edition)
Harper Collins 1 86371 740 4 1990 Avail
The Prayer Tree Harper Collins 1 86371 034 5 1990 out of print
The Prayer Tree
(Hardback gift edition)
Harper Collins 1 86371 741 2 1990 Avail
A Common Philosophy Aurora Books 1992 out of print
Why Dogs Sniff Each Other's Tails Penguin 0 670 88354 9 1998 out of print
GOATPERSON and Other Tales Penguin 0 14 029140 7 1999 Avail
Carnival of the Animals (includes CD) Pan MacMillan 0 7329 1070 6 2000 Avail
The Curly Pyjama Letters Penguin 0 670 04023 1 2001 Avail
THE STICK and Other Tales of our Times Viking (Penguin) 0 670 04048 7 2002 Avail
Poems 1972-2002 Viking 0 670 04091 6 2003 Avail
Strange Creature Penguin Global 0 670 04136 X 2005 Avail
When I Talk to You HarperCollins 0 732 28043 5 2004 Avail
When I Talk to You : A Cartoonist Talks to God Andrews McMeel Publishing 0 740 75696 6 May 1, 2006 Unreleased
Wild Figments Penguin Global 0 143 00353 4 August 30, 2006 Unreleased

Penguin Books Australia Ltd.
250 Camberwell Road, Camberwell, Victoria 3124
see also: The Penguin Books website and Penguin Books's author profile on Leunig

HarperCollins Publishers Pty. Ltd.,
25 Ryde Rd Pymble NSW 2073
(for books published first by Angus & Robertson Publishers)

Online Booksellers

Readings have always been a big Leunig supporter and will ship anywhere in the world. Email Janine and tell her you came from Curly Flat.

Dymocks have several Leunig titles which may be purchased online. list many titles (new and second hand) but they're expensive, being a U.S. site. Double check the currency. Is another U.S site which has both new and used editions, as well as calendars. The postage can be expensive on used books if you live outside the U.S.

I'd be pleased to list any other reseller, whether online or not...just ask me.

T-Shirts and books from the Wilderness Society

The Wilderness Society Australia's online shop


Calendars used to be a yearly item but I haven't seen any for several years. The Sydney Morning Herald have published one in newsprint in recent years. Postage Stamps were released in late 1998 and are now only available from philatelists or occasionally through Ebay