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For the geographically challenged who can't do the honourable thing and pay for a copy of the Age/SMH and syndicated publications, we at Curly Flat reproduce here the weekly ML offerings to preserve your sanity in exile.

All the material on this page is copyright and the address is given only to those who we believe aren't able to obtain the publications locally.  Please do the right thing by us and preserve the secrecy of this site, and you'll be rewarded with continuous postings of ML material.   If you've found this page through a link from another site, please let me know.

The cartoons are posted in reverse chronological order, so you can see the freshest stuff first - the idea being to reduce access time.  And that's also the reason this page isn't particularly pretty - we use a text-only format to cut down on download time and besides, far be it from us to presume a suitable decor for such material.


*21/3/03 Live from Iraq

*20/3/03 black

*19/3/03 May God Continue to Bless America

*14/03/03 Sir Goodstrong Cardigan Addresses the National Press Club

*13/03/03 The Mother of All Bombs

*12/3/03 A Message From the Prime Minister of Australia

*7/3/03 Leadership Qualities 2003

*6/3/03 The Case for War

*5/3/03 Hairy Wog Nabbed

*27/2/03 The Higher Cause

*26/02/03 The Wednesday Interview

*21/02/03 Moral High Ground

*20/02/03 "He Called Me a Warmonger!"

*19/02/03 "Greater Love Hath No Man..."

*14/02/03 Anti Americanism is Killing the World

*13/02/03 "A Just War"

*12/02/03 Nobody Wants to Play Genghis Khan Any More

*8/02/03 Free! Elvis Alert Kit

*7/02/03 Washington

*6/02/03 The American Nation Might Have Lost a Few Heat Tiles

*5/02/03 Press Briefing

*31/03/03 George and John

*30/01/03 Oath Of The Day...for the coalition of willing warmongers

*29/01/03 Oath For The Day

*24/01/03 1788

*23/01/03 Bushfire

*22/1/03 Position on the War on Iraq

*18/01/03 There Is A Missile

*17/01/03 The Full Unedited Australia Day Oath

*16/01/03 Be Alert.

*15/01/03 Alert But Not Alarmed


*21/12/02 A Christmas Pudding

*20/12/02 Lowly Stables

*19/12/02 The Frightful Portrait of Cherie Blair

*18/12/02 My Results Are Out

*13/12/02 Forfeited Land Rights

*12/12/02 Christmas in Iraq

*11/12/02 War - For the Man who has Everything

*7/12/02 Summer Diary

*6/12/02 Pre-Emptive Beer

*5/12/02 "It Will Pass"

*30/11/02 A Good Bed

*29/11/02 Lies (reprint)

*28/11/02 Doemstic Engagement (reprint)

*22/11/02 Today's Madness Index

*21/11/02 And After We Disarm Saddam?

*20/11/02 Wanted (impression of a terror suspect)

*16/11/02 Mr Curly Transpotrs Wayfaring Pilgrims

15/11/02 "The Book of Threats"

14/11/02 You Say You're from Hell

13/11/02 Bush's Christmas Wishes

8/11/02 Honey Bee, Predator Drone

7/11/02 Students Who Burned the Australian Flag

6/11/02 Sleeper Cell

1/11/02 Melbourne Cup Hats

31/10/02 Episodes of Compassion

30/10/02 Why Did You Attack Me?

26/10/02 Gloom and Doom

25/10/02 Some Things Must Not Be Expressed in Words

24/10/02 The Bombs are Still Exploding

23/10/02 We Must Defend Civilised Values

19/10/02 Mr Curly's Annual Spring Concert for Ducks

18/10/02 Carnage in Bali

17/10/02 The Hot New Nightclub (War)

16/10/02 The Collapse of an Entire Belief System

11/10/02 Person Reading Tealeaves - the Last Remaining Source of Reliable Information

10/10/02 In Anticipation of Those Who Will Fall

9/10/02 Some Bad News about "Bubby"

5/10/02 Caution: Philosopher at Work

3/10/02 Drought

*/10/02 Letter From the Real World

27/9/02 President Bush's Message to a very Large Group of Iraqi Children

21/9/02 These Premises Protected by Burning Oil

7/9/02 Sentimental Clod

31/8/02 Poultry Farmer Demonstrating Benefits of Battery Cage

24/8/02 Road Rage Next 40Km

17/8/02 Good Morning

9/08/02 Argument Against the War

8/8/02 U.S. Terror Attack

7/8/02 War Therapy

3/8/02 Mad As a Cut Snake

2/8/02 On the Dais

1/8/02 Weary Gentleman Seeking Peace

31/07/02 Funny Bone

26/7/02 Errorism

25/7/02 Bows and Arrows of Mass Destruction

24/7/02 Sex Workers or Fruit Bats

20/7/02 The Great Important Conversation (Sorry No Ducks)

18/7/02 One Day Son, All Of This Will Be Yours

17/7/02 War Against Terror

13/7/02 Roll in a Barrell

12/7/02 Afghanistan

11/7/02 The World is Doomed

10/7/02 Difference Between a Column and a Staff

6/7/02 Face Painting

3/7/02 Spirit of Freedom

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Interview from Good Weekend magazine   (July 1998)

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